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Mineral water & coffee.
The caffeine in coffee has a dehydrating effect on the body, which is best replenished by drinking mineral water. A good rule of thumb to remember is – a glass of Gasteiner to each cup of coffee. Because Gasteiner counterbalances the fluid loss, neutralises the palate and helps to quickly drain off irritants from the stomach.

The well-balanced mineraslisation of Gasteiner Mineral Water accentuates the flavour of the coffee with each sip, again and again.

“A glass of water with a cup of coffee is an integral part of the Austrian coffee culture, as well as the perfect accompaniment. The water neutralises the palate, which enhances the full flavour of the coffee. When drinking a hot cup of coffee, a sip of water in-between can quickly regenerate the taste buds, but the water should not be drunken ice cold with coffee.”
Sommelier Goran Huber,